Sports Massage

Sports Soft Tissue Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Range of Motion Assessment
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The focus of this modality is on maintenance and recovery of athletes.

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Sports Soft Tissue Massage

Stiff muscles or joints will hinder range of motion and negatively impact sports and exercise performance.
There are various techniques to relax muscle tissue and to eliminate soreness.

Application of Pressure to Deep Tissue Trigger Points

Pain from stiffness and soreness of muscle tissue can be reduced when firm pressure into the trigger points is applied. Just a few repeats of this trigger point treatement can help release soreness and muscle tension.

Cross Fiber Friction Strokes

The cross fiber friction massage is an alternative to trigger point pressure and is also aimed at releasing tension from the muscle tissue. Cross-fiber friction is often used on scar tissue as it effectively breaks up scar tissue.

Compression Movements

Compression movements on a muscle group (e.g. quads) loosen tight muscles and ease soreness and work particularly well after having performed deep tissue trigger point pressure and/or cross fiber friction massage.

What to expect after the treatment?

Mostly, you should feel that your tissue is well circulated and loser than before treatment. As with any therapy applied to the body that brings change to its pattern that it has become accustomed to, in some cases treatment can lead to a ‘healing crisis’ which is sometimes mistakenly interpreted as a worsening of the state of being. However, in actual fact, the body is de-toxing and repairing itself. A healing crisis usually takes only from several hours to maximum a few days, depending on the situation.