Remedial Massage Therapy

Aims to remove deep-seated tension and attain profound relaxation
remedial massage therapy, remove deep-seated tension, increase the body's energy levels

Remedial massage therapy releases residual & deep seated neural and musculo-skeletal tension from your body

remedial massage therapy, remove deep-seated tension, increase the body's energy levels

Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial massage treatment is bodywork that aims at releasing residual tension and to remove deep-seated tension from the human body. The goal is to return full function to the body systems (skeletal, muscular, digestive, lymphatic, respiratory, circulatory, endocrine, mental and nervous) and to increase the body’s energy levels (the flow of the life force also known as chi or prana).

Certain lifestyle choices and stressors of physical and mental nature can cause blockages in our body systems. Blockages  can be caused by guarded or shortened muscles,  by mis-alignments in body posture, by adrenal fatigue or over-stimulation of our nervous system. Shortened or guarded muscles try to prevent injury to the body. Shortened muscles cannot contract and are muscles lacking in strength. This can lead to further postural body changes, to insufficient blood circulation and to lack of nourishment of body tissue cells.

Remedial massage draws from the technques of various ancient and oriental traditions (Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Reflexology and Hawaiian medicine) which are put together in a common sense way that best serves the goal of getting rid of deep seated tensions and the ailments arising from these tensions. Deep tissue remedial massage applies most effective techniques in co-ordination with a deep breathing technique (diaphragmatic breathing). The symbiosis of deep breathing and massage technique increases the flow of the life force within, relaxes muscle tissue and the sympathetic nervous system, assists the elimination systems of our bodies to detox faster and nourishes our bodies on a cellular level.

What to expect after the treatment?

Mostly, you should feel extremely relaxed! As with any therapy applied to the body that brings change to its pattern that it has become accustomed to, in some cases treatment can lead to a ‘healing crisis’ which is sometimes mistakenly interpreted as a worsening of the state of being. However, in actual fact, the body is detoxing and repairing itself. A healing crisis usually takes only from several hours to maximum a few days, depending on the situation.

How often should you get a massage?

Most people who have not had massage before will require approximately  3 – 4 repeat sessions in close time intervals (for instance 2 sessions per week x 2 weeks, or 1 session weekly for one month ). Most bodies will then transition  into the maintenance stage where deep seated tension is removed and a healthy and relaxed state of body and muscles gets easier maintained. However, every treatment session should leave you feel relaxed and refreshed and on the way to a healthier you because your body gets encouraged and stimulated to activate its self-healing forces and to detox the body for optimal functioning and well-being.  Once maintenance stage has been attained, the frequency of massage is now determined by of the amount of stress you are exposed to or what type of work you do (hard labour, repetitive movements, extreme sport, lack of exercise, too much sitting and more). The occasional treatment session every few month should be enough. Please note that every body is different, healing times differ and depend on your work and assistance to your body (regular stretches, body movement, healthy nutrition, positive state of mind).


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