The Dieter Dorn Method

or Dorn Spinal Therapy
dorn method for backpain,dorn spinal therapy,encouraging natural self re-alignment

Gentle back therapy to safely correct misalignments+teaching you self-help healing exercises

The Dorn Method – Dorn Spinal Therapy

What is Dorn Spinal Therapy?

The Dorn Method or Dorn Spinal Therapy is a healing method by Dieter Dorn (1938 – January 2011) from a small town in the South of Germany. The Dorn Method is a holistic, non-manipulative and safe way to correct mis-alignments of the spinal column and other joints in our body. With the Dorn Method we can re-align vertebrae by combining gentle pressure of the thumb in the right place while creating body movement at the same time.

The Dorn Method enables us to align individual vertebrae without touching any others. This gentle and non-invasive method is very effective and today a steadily increasing number of people from the medical field like doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors from all over the world are attending seminars to learn this very easy yet wonderfully effective healing method.

What happens in a Dorn Spinal Therapy treatment?

With the Dorn Method we work the body from bottom to top, that is from the feet to the head:
While you lie comfortably on your back, we check your leg length. Any difference in leg length will be corrected by aligning the hip joint, the knee joint and the ankle joint on the leg requiring the attention.

Commencing with the pelvis area we examine the sacrum, the ileum and the coccyx areas and align where necessary, then work along the lumbar spine doing the same.

Sitting on a chair, we proceed to check along the thoracic spine and then the cervical spine again making re-alignments where necessary. As we work our way slowly from the bottom to the top, and in constant communication with you, we gently re-align any out-of-alignment vertebrae. The principle during the correction is always the same: You will be in a dynamic, ‘moving’ action while the vertebrae are guided back into proper position by encouraging natural self re-alignment. Dieter Dorn’s philosophy says that “Although a Dorn Method practitioner is treating someone with his hands by applying pressure while the patient is doing certain guided movements, this treatment should be kind of ‘reversed’ in order to be successful: The patient should be the one who presses himself against the Dorn Method practitioner’s hand (which is technically almost the same but actually a huge difference). By doing the therapy this way the success is unavoidable and it becomes clear that the Dorn Method is actually a Self-Help Method rather than a therapy.” (Quotation excerpt from Thomas Zudrell –

After re-alignment, you will receive a healing Breuss Massage. This therapeutic massage will soothe and relax any tensed muscles and tissue surrounding your spinal column and back. The oil used during this relaxing massage is St John’s Wort oil, known for its healing properties. The discs of your spine will readily absorb the oil during the therapy.

Please note: St John’s Wort oil is photosensitive – do not expose your back to direct sunlight after the treatment. You need to wash the oil off first to avoid getting spots.

Finally and most importantly, you will be demonstrated self-help exercises which form the most vital part of your recovery from pain: Your own self-care or after-care! The exercises are easy to follow yet very effective; they are basically a repetition of what you have done during the treatment session and they do not take long to do. To make the treatment successful, to strengthen your body into its new and correct alignment, it is necessary for you to continue doing the exercises regularly on a daily basis over the next weeks to ensure your body strength in its posture.

Please allow approx 1.5 hours for your first visit (you also need to complete a client history form)

What to expect after the treatment?

One of three things can happen:

  1.  You feel instantly better, lighter and remain pain free. This is the ideal outcome!
  2. You don’t feel any change and another treatment session should be arranged. The next treatment session will show if you react at all to the treatment. Sometimes the body needs to be loosened before it can react and before results can take place.
  3. You go through a ‘healing crisis’ which may mean that you feel distinct signs of detoxification due to a changed metabolism. You might experience a light-headed feeling or drowsiness, some muscle pain or pressure sensitivity on the corrected areas for the next several days.

What you need to do after the treatment

For best results and support for your body you should drink plenty of water (approx 3 litres after the treatment) over the next few weeks. , Avoid wrong stretches or twists or unsuitable sports activities for approx 2 months and keep up your self-healing exercises which will help to strengthen your body in its new position.