Let’s Talk Back


The Dorn Spinal Therapy is a very gentle treatment modality for people who suffer from back and/or neck problems. Originating in Germany this therapy has now gained worldwide recognition and application, thus allowing more and more back and neck pain sufferers the benefits from this treatment modality and its very simple maintenance exercises.


back pain, neck pain, Dorn Spinal Therapy

Help your body to self-heal from back pain, neck pain.

Do you suffer from back pain? Back pain can be very hurtful. It can restrict your mobility. Back pain can affect your overall mood and well-being and slow or hinder regular body activity. Back pain can make your life into misery and turn simple daily routines into un-enjoyable and almost un-surmountable chores.

This book ‘Let’s Talk Back:’ by Barbara Simon, Dip. N.T., Cert. Ref., Dip. S.T., Cert. A.Acup., Cert.Th. Mass., reveals new and simple exercises which can allow your body to self-heal and guide your to better health and wellness. It is a guide to simple exercises which are based on Dorn Spinal Therapy principles to help with back pain and neck pain. You can perform these exercises at any time and anywhere, without spending a lot of time in gyms and without the necessity to overexert yourself leaving you feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.

Disclaimer: It is important to always seek medical attention when you have strong pain or after you have had an accident, a fall, or injured your back in any other circumstances. It is important to rule out any fractures, ruptures or other conditions that may be detrimental to proceeding with any of the exercises contained in this book. These exercises are good to add to your already existing exercises or start up your own routine to keep your back healthy. If you are not sure about how to do certain exercises, seek advice from your local doctor, health practitioner, physiotherapist or local Dorn Spinal therapist.

Your Dorn Spinal Therapy therapist is only a facilitator who can assist with re-alignment. You are the one in control to strengthen the structures  that keep the alignment of your body in place. Your body will do the self-healing required for optimal well-being!