Gift Certificate|60 Minutes Stone Fusion Massage


Remedial Stone Fusion gives you the best of both worlds – remedial massage for pain and muscles and the deep relaxation of heat.


You will receive a full body remedial massage treatment with hot basalt stones. The heat of the stones allows the body tissue to relax very quickly as the heat of the stones helps to dilate the blood vessels and so increase the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to body tissue and muscles. Remedial techniques combined with hot stone techniques are very effective. This fusion allows for deeper pressure on muscles and trigger points to be better tolerated and has a faster effect  on pain, stiffness and body de-toxification.

The heated basalt stones  warm the skin and allow for the absorption of our therapeutic essential oil blends. We use deeply healing massage oils of the highest quality as well as 100% essential oils for particular areas of pain. The essential oil and essential oil blend range used in our clinic are TGA approved.

An alternating application of thermotherapy (hot stones) and cryotherapy (cold stones) produces the deepest thermo-therapeutic healing: it relaxes the muscles, de-congests the tissues and eases sore points. Alternating hot and cold treatments are highly effective for stress reduction, anxiety, pain and poor circulation.

Deeply relaxing – 60 minutes of melting away stress and tension!