Arnica cream is used for the relief of inflammation,relieves chronic rheumatic muscle/joint complaints,relieves fluid retention due to fracture or tissue injury

Arnica’s medicinal properties have been discovered long ago in the European mountainous realm.

Arnica is native to the mountainous regions of Europe, North America and Asia. This plant can grow up to 40cm high.It is from Arnica’s orange-yellow flower heads that a therapeutic volatile oil is created that contains fatty acids, aromatic terpenes, flavonoids and tannins. It is very popular in Germany where more than a hundred medicinal preparations are made from the plant.

Arnica cream is used for the relief of inflammation due to bruises, sprains, strains, contusions, insect bites and soft tissue trauma. It can also relieves chronic rheumatic muscle/joint complaints and oedema (fluid retention) due to fractures or injuries. Its anti-inflammatory action helps increase mobility.

The cream gets applied to the affected area several times daily. RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation) is recommended for sprains, strains, contusions and soft tissue trauma. Gentle exercises will promote circulation and mobility. Hot packs, such as wheat bag applications, relieves chronic rheumatic muscle/joint complaints. Maintain normal body weight to reduce stress on joints. Hilde Hemmes creams are water-based making them non-greasy and easily absorbed. They are compatible with most skin types. It helps to promote the body’s natural healing process, to bring relief from inflammation due to sprains, bruises, strains, insect bites and soft tissue injuries.

Aids with chronic rheumatic, muscle / joint complaints, relieves fluid retention due to fracture or tissue injury. Relief from inflammatory body reaction which allows you to regain increased mobility.