Better Posture Exercises

Counteracting forward head posture
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Head forward posture has become a major health issue of our times

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Long-locked upper back muscles

The use of smartphones and tablets and the fact that we remain for long periods in a forward head posture has made this postural change a major health issue of our times. Our bodies are designed to move. Movement keeps the muscles working, the joints lubricated, and the organ systems supplied with oxygen and cell nutrients. A human head gets supported by a range of upper back, shoulder and neck muscles. These muscles were never designed to hold the head for hours on end with hardly any movement……. The head becomes heavier and heavier the longer we remain in this posture. A head with approx. 4.5 kg can become as heavy as 27 kg. This is a too heavy load for the head supporting muscles!

It is therefore important for all of us in this digital age, that we ensure plenty of movement for our bodies. In regular intervals. Take stairs instead of elevators, walk instead of driving, get a walking routine, kick a ball, do stretches and limber up the structures – do anything that helps your body to keep the balance. This is what our bodies always strive for: balance – equilibrium – homeostasis. It is the state of balance that allows all organ systems, inclusive your muscles, to be used in a most favourable way without locking up and causing blockages in the supply system and the overall functionality.