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Gaby Bradley

Remedial Massage Therapist
Ph: (02) 9755 9678
Mb: 0421 197 802 

Hands on help for clients to help ease their pain and to regain health and overall well-being

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Get to know the therapist

My name is Gabriela (Gaby/Gab :)). I was born in Bad Reichenhall, Germany – a small but picturesque town close to the Austrian border and the beautiful Salzburg. Most of my years in Germany I spent in the very Southern tip of Bavaria. Surrounded by mountain ranges, fresh air and beautiful nature I caught the travel bug and journeyed to different parts of the world. Much to the dismay of my family I fell in love with Australia! In 1989 I came to stay permanently in this beautiful country full of diversities.

Working hard and honestly, having a wonderful family, partner and friends I was cruising along, content and happy with life. Until that one day when suddenly and ‘for no apparent reason at all’ I incurred an episode of such severe back pain that I could not move at all for days. Despite all of the pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication the pain only subsided by a fraction and for a short period of time. The pain remained, the worst time being the mornings when I had to get out of bed: I literally crawled out of bed inch by inch. After regaining some mobility again I looked for medical help, had scans and MRIs and the whole works. Operation on the spine is the only way – this was the verdict.

It was due to the Dorn Spinal Therapy treatment which I received from Barbara Simon that I was able to return to the happy days of my life without surgical intervention. Thank you Barbara – my thanks and gratitude to you and to the Dieter Dorn Method.

Having had this ‘eye-opener’ I recognized that the incident I experienced is a very common one due to our lifestyle, stress, bad habits, accident, injury and trauma. I suddenly saw all the people who had pain in their backs and wished I could help them to better manage or even get rid of their pain just as I did. I enrolled in and passed a certified course on the Dieter Dorn Method and passed my certification and diploma for the Brandon Raynor Remedial Massage Therapy.  Furthering my knowledge of the miraculous human body I completed more in-depth studies of anatomy and physiology and completed the Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy.  This process enabled me to better understand the many facets of body and the mind and how everything is closely connected. As a bonus I was now also able to offer my clients Health Fund rebates.

Not only do I wish to help you better manage or get rid of your back pain, I also want to support all endeavours by the worldwide Dorn Method community to support the Dieter Dorn Spinal Therapy and encourage the application of natural and alternative healing methods for the body whenever possible.

“Nothing is true but that which is simple” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe