Support your body’s innate self-regulating forces – your inner doctor

Your ‘Inner Doctor’

the body's innate self-regulating forces,Your 'inner doctor',the body's innate self-regulating forces

Today’s modern medicine can achieves amazing results, however it never HEALS anybody. This may sound strange, but really it is true. Think about it.The best doctor can only align or plaster a broken bone – the fusing and repairing of the bone needs to be done by your body’s ‘inner doctor’. The same is true for all other diseases: the doctor can only ensure optimum conditions for the workings and the healing that your own body’s forces have to achieve. Your ‘inner doctor’ is active around the clock: enzymes continuously repair defects in our genetic material (DNA), over a billion new skin cells get created in just one day and the inner surface of our intestines renews itself fully.

Our thoughts and feelings can either support and strengthen or weaken our ‘inner doctor’.
Research on self-healing powers began with the psycho-sociologist Aaron Antonovsky (1923-1997), who introduced the concept of Salutogenesis. The term describes an approach focusing on factors that support human health and well-being, rather than on factors that cause disease. According to Antonovsky it is the body’s innate self-regulating forces which should be used wisely. Our thoughts and attitudes are one of the strongest forces. If we doubt our self-healing forces or if we allow anxiety to take over, then we directly interfere with our inner healer. If, however, we trust our body and nourish positive and supportive thoughts then we help activate the self-healing forces.

the body's innate self-regulating forces,Your 'inner doctor',the body's innate self-regulating forces

There a various ways how you can restore the balance in your autonomic nervous system and clear your mind of debilitating thought patterns or stressful conflicts: massage therapy, meditation, relaxation exercises,  just to name a few can help you restore the balance in your autonomic nervous system and activate & strengthen your body’s ‘inner doctor’!


Know that the best healer lives within you – your trust in him is his best support.

The body’s innate self healing forces and the difference between dis-ease and illness

body's innate self-healing forces,dis-ease,illnessThe aim of allied health and natural medicine therapists is to assist your body’s innate self-healing forces and mechanisms by stimulating sensors, relaxing muscles, realigning postural deviations, removing energy flow blockages caused by stressors and shortened musculature. We have different applications to arrive at the end goal of minimizing chronically manifested pain, showing you how to manage chronic pain and perhaps reduce or remove it, depending on how long it was given time to manifest and build. At HealthBack our methods to re-balance the body are remedial massage therapy, Dorn spinal therapy, reflexology and Breuss spinal stretch massage which all work towards the same goal: (more…)

The immune system and allergies: what’s the connection?

immune system and allergies,improved immunity,lymphatic system The immune system is the defense of your body against foreign, harmful invaders. There is an constant array of attackers attempting to “conquer” your body such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites. Our immune system works around the clock, and not only one organ is involved in this process but a formidable lineup of body defense systems such as skin and mucous membranes, bone marrow, thymus, lymph nodes and spleen, tonsils and intestines.


Awareness Training Helps Stress Reduction

Strengthening your immune system,mindfully reduce stress levels,reduce your stress through awareness REDUCE YOUR STRESS THROUGH AWARENESS

Stress is our worst enemy. Being able to mindfully reduce stress levels can greatly help reduce hypertension, depression and anxiety, burnout and insomnia. Stress reduction will allow your body’s immunity to strengthen leaving you stronger and healthier and with an increased feeling and outlook of wellness and positivism.

Training to be more present and aware will help reduce our high levels of stress. (more…)

Neck Pain, Neck Tension

misaligned vertebrae in the cervical spine,neck pain,neck tensionThere are multiple factors that can cause neck pain and neck tension: a common cause of a stiff neck is a twisting or whiplash injury from jerking the neck too hard, for instance in a car accident or a sports injury. A stiff neck or neck tension can also occur after sleeping with the neck in an awkward position. Another cause may be a spasm of the neck muscles or a fibrotic inflammation. Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis as well as degenerative disks or misaligned vertebrae in the cervical spine can also cause discomfort in the neck.

If stiffness is caused by an injury, then heat, traction or massage may be required. Pain killing drugs and anti-rheumatic drugs (in case of swellings) may be prescribed.

Receiving remedial massage therapy for release of tension and stress and increased circulation and Qi flow, checking for leg-length difference, correction of any misalignment of the pelvis and the spinal vertebrae can address adverse symptoms and their causes on multiple levels of the functions of the human body systems.

Backaches – Back Pain

backaches,back pain, lower back pain

Lower back pain or lumbar back pain is a very common physical complaint in adult persons. Symptoms vary from morning stiffness to sudden pain in the sides or inability to stand upright or move. Low back pain can be caused by strained ligaments and muscles surrounding the spine or by a vertebral disk that has partially slipped or herniated. The treatment for lumbar back pain varies depending on the severity of pain or disability. (more…)

Neck Shoulder Massage

Head, neck shoulder massage to remove upper thoracic tension. Exercises to improve the correct the firing of the shoulder girdle muscles, i.e. improve the gleno-humeral rhythm. Deep tissue massage and trigger point massage therapy addresses deep seated tension. Certain lifestyle choices and stress factors of physical or mental nature can cause blockages in our body systems.

Blockages  can be caused by guarded or shortened muscles,  by mis-alignments in body posture, by adrenal fatigue or over-stimulation of our nervous system. Shortened or guarded muscles try to prevent injury to the body. Shortened muscles cannot contract and are muscles lacking in strength. This can lead to further postural body changes, to insufficient blood circulation and to lack of nourishment of body tissue cells.

Headaches – Migraines

headaches,migraines,tension in the muscles of the neck and jawThere are multiple factors that can cause headache: disorders of the blood vessels of the brain, neuralgia, caused by disorders of nerves in the head, head injuries, conditions that affect the skull, increased pressure in the brain, infections affecting the ears, sinuses, mouth or the membrane that surrounds the brain. (more…)