Remedial therapies for back pain relief

Remedial therapies

Increase energy levels and body immunity

for overall health and well-being!




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Dorn Spinal Therapy

Dorn Spinal Therapy

Re-align body posture – stimulates body’s

Self-Healing Mechanisms

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Remedial Massage Treatment

Remedial Massage Therapy

increase circulation and energy flow

body detox  + accelerated elimination process!

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Reflexology Therapy

Technique stimulating pressure points to

trigger a regulatory response in body organs

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Our Goal

Hands on help  for people to better manage back pain, headaches, stress, insomnia or get rid of pain altogether and to pass on the ‘tools’  enabling self-control and pain management and to be a facilitator to stimulate  and promote the body’s own self-healing

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dorn spinal therapy, back pain treatment, remedial massage therapy

Back & Pain Treatment

Most people, during their lifetime, will incur one or more misaligned vertebrae. The spine is a major control centre for our organs and physical functions. Deviations in the spine can cause many discomforts and ailments…

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dorn spinal therapy, back pain treatment, remedial massage therapy

Back Help!

Do you suffer from back ache, migraines, stress and tension? Do you feel often tired, irritable or experience mood swings? Do you have trouble coping with your daily routine, with the demands of the family and work?

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Gabriela Bradley

Gabriela Bradley

Dip. RM Therapist